04.0 App Inventor 2

App Inventor is an web based application that allows you to create and test applications for the android devices. These devices include phones, tablets, appliances, TV's plus many more.

App Inventor  was originally developed by Google Labs, control of the project was transferred to MIT.
You can Log in to App Inventor using your Google account.

There is an online textbook at appinventor.org. Some of the following tutorials are contain with in the online textbook.

Beginner Tutorials

There some very good beginner video tutorials available from MIT.
These videos are also available as text and images. Choose which method works best for you.
Complete these:
To create well structured and easy to modify code, it is always best to reduce the amount of duplicate code. Extend your TalkToME app by creating a procedure to so that there is only one  call TextToSpeech1.Speak  block.
Create a SpeakToMe procedure to hold this block. 
Place the  call TextToSpeech1.Speak   block inside of the speakToMe block and replace the   call TextToSpeech1.Speak   block inside of the event When Button1.clicked and When ... shaking blocks with the call speakToMe block

More Tutorials:

Basic Level Tutorials:

These are text and image based tutorials that introduce the basic components available in App Inventor 2.

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