Re-create the old classic game Snake, similar to

You will need to use on screen buttons to control the snake.
The basics
  1. control the direction of the snake
  2. place random food
  3. eat the food
  4. end the game when the snake hits the edges of the canvas
App Inventor objects required:
  1. Canvas
  2. Animation Ball on the above canvas- size 10
  3. Up, Left, Right, Down Buttons
Once you have the basics working, add the following:
  1. keep a score
    1. give points for the food consumed
    2. bonus for speed
  2. Harder aspects to implment
    1. have the snake grow as it eats more food
    2. if the snake bumps into itself, the game is over
    3. keep a persistent high score --Hint:  TinyDB