Talking Calculator

Project Description:
This project creates a very simple calculator that will do the four basic arithmetic operations, + - x /.
The result of the calculation will be displayed on the screen and converted to speech. 
Simple error checking will be introduced.

This program will use:
  • numbers to text
  • text to speech
  • building a sentence
  • mathematical calculations
  • textboxes for input
  • labels for output
  • events to change labels and perform calculations
  • basic error checking
  • Notifier to issue error messages

Set up the User Interface (UI)

The UI (User interface) 
The ? is the lblOperator and will be changed based on the operation button clicked
 The Required Components
Make sure you set the TextBoxes  to  accept numeric input only.

Get the Basic Code Working

Basic Code for the Add Button:

Modifications -- Check for errors

Modify the code you have to check for 
Errors to check for:
  • the calculator requires two numbers to perform calculations, issue message if 2 number are not entered.
  • This code will need to be further modified to check for the divide by 0 error

Now get all four buttons working

Create the code for the - x and / buttons
Extra error checking will be needed for the / button -- Why? What is the extra check?