1.1 Bunny Jump

Introduction to Alice

Do the Alice Tutorial1

Make sure you understand and can find the five major sections of the Alice screen:
world window
object tree
details area
editor area
events area


Jumping Bunny
  1. Create a new world that will involve a rabbit.
  2. Create a new  method for the bunny that will cause the bunny to jump.
  3. Add the event to the program so the  the bunny will jump when you click on the bunny.
  4. Create a variable in the bunny’s property tab to keep track of the number of times the bunny jumps.
  5. Using the “Do together” and “Do in order” programming structures, have the bunny move parts of itself as it jumps.  When the bunny lands it needs to be in the same position as when it started.

In your own words write a description of each of the following new concepts and terms:
world (a.k.a. global)
object tree 
changing values of variables 
Programming Structures: “Do Together” and “Do in order”

New Concepts:
while loop
function: distance to

Create the following bunny methods:
  1. hop
    1. call hopUp
    2. call hopdown
  2. hopOnTo (object: target)
    1. Call hopUp
    2. add code to moveto(target)

Add a skateboard object to the world.

Create the following world methods:
  1. bunnyGoToSkateboard
    1. This method will cause the bunny to go to the skateboard no matter where the bunny is.  It will need to use a while loop, a variable – howFar, along with the bunny function distanceTo
    2. Once this is working, add an object parameter to this method so the bunny will goTo any objected passed to the method.  i.e. convert the method to bunnyGoTo(object: target)
  2. Comment your code to tell a story

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