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Alice: Assessment Rules

Interview Times
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Exam Rules
  1. All programming is to be done in class.
  2. You may use your notes and any code that was provided in previous projects and/or assignments.
  3. There is to be no talking in class. You may consult with a classmate during class time (if the classmate agrees) but no materials may be taken to the hallway. You may consult with classmates outside of class time.
  4. You may take any material you wish with you at the end of class. You may not bring any material with you to class the next day. Any program development outside of class time must be re-created during class time.
  5. You will submit a working program at the end of the exam. Your program will likely still be considered a prototype, i.e. it is not fully functional. Methods included in your program are expected to function properly with reasonable use - i.e. the person using your project is not trying to crash it.
  6. Your working program will be assessed one-on-one with the teacher during the formal examination schedule. During the session you will be required to demonstrate your project and answer questions about the project design and operation.

Some Hints:
  • the opacity of an object will make an object disappear
If you complete this program, work on Alice: Penguins Claim Island