06.0 Python

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You will be working through these.

On Line Python Tutor is a visualization tool to help you step yourself through the states of the code line by line.

Python at Home

Python 3.3.5 and PyScripter 2.5.3 IDE will work together on Window 7 machines.
Make sure that both programs are either 32-bit or 64-bit versions. Problems may arise if you attempt to mix the two version.
Both Python and PyScripter IDE are free to download.

Download Sites:
Do not use a newer version of Python at home as code created by it might not function with this version.

PyScripter IDE is hosted by Google code and has it roots from MIT. There are problems getting Python 3.4 to work with Pyscripter.

A quick search of the Internet will result in many websites that provide support, tutorials and examples of programming in Python. Some are better than others. Just because you found a programming method on the web, does not mean that the method is the best way of implementing a solution.

Some Resources

Think Python; How to think like a Computer Scientist
Originally written for Python 2 but this version has been adapted by Michael Kart at St. Edward's University for Python 3