2.2 Java Array Assignment

See Java: 1D Arrays

Working with the Student Mark Program.
Including the Min, Max and Average Calculations (see: Java: Min, Max, Average)

Store the Student's name in a String array
and the student's Mark in a integer array

Use a method that will input only the name and mark of each student and place them in the two arrays. These are called parallel arrays. You may need to search the web to find some help. 
Here is one site that might help:  MathBits: ParallelArrays

Create a new method that will find the min, max and average of the array of students

Create a new method the will display a class list and the marks:
Sample output:

     Name                             Mark
    ====                             ====
1    Mike                              82
2    Sally                             57   
3    George                            92
4    Jeremy                            55

Highest Mark                           92 (George)
Lowest Mark                            55 (Jeremy)
Class Average                        69.0