Past Activities

After reading this, please send me an email to confirm that you have read  and understood the final assessment activities.

Alice In-class Final Assessment Activity

It seems like Alice does not like a screen resolution over 1024 by 768. You may need to adjust your screen resolution to see the Alice screens correctly.

Alice is a free download. In the school we are using Alice 2.0 found at

Step # 1 - Sandbox Time
Do the Alice Tutorials:

You will be given one or two days to complete these tutorials. During this time you may discuss with your classmates how Alice works and how it  relates to the previous programming environments you have been exposed to in this course. Help each other out learn the basics of the language.

Step #2- Scenario Time
On day three, you will be given a couple of Alice scenarios to work on.  During this time period, you may not communicate with your classmates in the classroom.  You are encouraged to discuss your solutions to the problems outside of classtime.

Your programs will be marked during an interview.

Exam Activity - Cargo-Bot

Before the Exam Day
Sandbox time with the iPads and Cargo-bot. Share and help each other. Solutions are on available on the Internet.  The solutions are not as important as the understanding of the Cargo-Bot “language”. Learn the language. Learn to use it efficiently. If you want extra time, come see for iPad time at lunch.

Cargo-Bot is an iPad app. It is a game based tool that introduces basic programming elements and structures.  It helps to change how to think when creating and structuring a program. It does this by having you program a crane to pick up crates and move them to a new location given at the top of the screen. A successful attempt is scored from 1 to 3 stars. A bonus of 3 pulsating stars is given, if you find one of the “shortest” solutions. The shortest solutions is determined by the number of registers used, not the fewest number of steps required to achieve the final solution.