1.3 Dance School

Do the Alice Tutorial2

Problem Statement 

Create an Alice program that will have a chicken dance.

Your program should take as input the player’s name and display it in a sign. 
ie Farmer _____ Dance School.

When you click on the Chicken it will dance.

  • do together
  • do in order
  • nest these two structures
To create the text for your sign, you will need to use:
  • the world function "ask user for a string"
  • a joined with b

  • Use good method names so that your program is self commenting.
  • Control parts of the Chicken (leftLeg, rightLeg, rightArm, leftArm and neck) to make it dance.
  • create Chicken methods for parts of the dance for example: spin, pirouette, 
  • create world dancing method that will continuously dance.  (Loop the routine)
  • use good method names to help document your program.