Rapid Math

Program Description:
Rapid Math will randomly generate simple math questions. Implement this program in many phases. Save each phase as its own App.

Each Rapid Math APP has the following requirements?
  • a round consists of a series of 10 questions
  • the player is timed on how quickly the questions are answered
  • a score is kept for the number of correct answers
  • new questions are generated by either by touching a button OR by shaking the device.

Rapid Math 1

Phase 1 - add single digit integers
  • the player is required to add two random single digit integers together

Rapid Math 2

Phase 2 - subtract two single digit integers
  • the player is required to find the difference between two random single digit integers

Rapid Math 3

Phase 3 - combine phase 1 and 2
  • the player is required to either add or subtract two random single digit integers
  • within each round, both addition and subtraction questions are presented in a random order

Rapid Math 4

Phase 4 - multiply
  • the player is required to multiply two numbers between -12 and 12

Rapid Math 5

Phase 5 - divide
  • the player is required to divide two integers
    • the dividend is between -144 and 144
    • the quotient (answer) is always a integer
    • (basically it is phrase 4 backwards)

Rapid Math 6

Phase 6 - multiply and divide
  • combine phase 4 and phase 5

Other variations

allow the user to choose from +- (Phase 3) or /* (Phase 6) or +-*/ randomly (combine Phase 3 and 6 together)