1.4 Math Class

Problem Statement 
Create an Alice program that will have a bunny in math class.

Objects required:
some object to act as a the math teacher
bunny (or some other object) to act as the math student

Your program should prompt the user for their name.
Have the teacher say a phrase that includes user’s name
ie Hello,  _____ welcome to Math Class.

When you click on the teacher, you will be prompted to enter two numbers.  (One number at a time.)

The teacher will ask bunny to add the two numbers together.  Bunny will then enter an answer.  If bunny is correct, the teacher will say “very good _____”, otherwise the question will be asked a second time.  After the second time, if the answer is incorrect, the teacher will say “Sorry ________ , the correct answer is _____”.  When bunny answers correctly, the teacher will say “Very good _________, ____ plus ___ is ______.

Eventually you will modify this program to:
have the teacher ask more than one question,
have the teacher ask multiplication, subtraction and division questions,
keep track of the number of questions asked and determine an overall score.
keep generate the questions using random numbers
generate random types of questions.  Have the computer select if the question will be addition, subtraction, etc.

As always:
Use good method names so that your program is self commenting.
Use good variable names.

New Concepts:
using an object's say method
entering numbers into the program
adding two numbers
subtracting, multiplying and divide numbers.
joining text.
random numbers
rounding numbers