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Guess It Project

Overall Project Objectives

The student will learn and practice the following concepts:
  • loops
  • running calculations
  • if statements ( highest and lowest values

Project Description

This is a little game that allows the user to guess a secret number between 1 and 10. The secret number is generated randomly by the program. When the user is enters their guess the program advises if their guess is too high, too low or the guess is correct. The will continued to be prompted for a new guess until the secret number is correctly guessed. The user will be given the option to play multiple times and an overall score will be issued once the user decides to stop playing the game. 

Project Road Map

Complete this project in small steps as outlined below. Make sure you do not destroy a version of your program that is working, save a copy of it. For each phase of the project you may choose to save your files with different names. Example:  GuessItVer1.0, GuessItVer1.1, GuessItVer 1.3 ... , GuessItVer2.0, GuessItVer2.1 ... This way you can go back to a previous version of your program if the current program becomes non-functional.