Project 01 - PacMan

Project #1: "Chasing/Eating" (Pac Man Type Game)

Part 1 The Basic Game
  1. Game must have a main character that the user moves about the screen using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  2. There must be "food" that the character eats. The food will disappear after the character eats it.
  3. The game area must have a maze that the main character must "bounce" off when it touches the maze.

Option #1
  1. Start with the Maze Starter program
  2. modify the maze and add food as required -- do not add too much food yet

Option #2

Part 2:

Part 2 Modifications:
  1. The game keeps score based on the number of food eaten.  This code shows a variable made to keep track of the number of times a sprite is clicked.  You will need the change_by_ block to keep track of the amount of food eaten.
  2. Ghosts or evil characters chase the main character.  If the evil characters catch your character, one of the lives is lost.

  3. System for keeping track of the lives of the main character. Again you will need to use the change_by_ block to change the number of live a character has.