1.1 Java Max Variables

Max Variables Demo Program

After completing this program, you should be able to:

  • Name all of Java's primitive data types.
  • save and retrieve a program you create
  • state the data type of any variable
  • know the difference between a variable and it's value
  • know how to declare a  variable and assign a value to it in one statement
  • know how to display a value of a variable on the monitor
  • enter a program with proper white space (indenting)
  • use camelBackNaming 
  • know how to create and use single line comments
  • know the a simple if ... else statement
  • use Java method calls -- Character.isUpperCase(aChar)

Part 1

Enter the following program into BlueJ IDE.

Make sure you can save and retrieve this program

Run this program.

Part 2

Modify this program so that both the maximum and minimum values of all numeric data types are displayed.